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Web Hosting – Just a Service?

If you haven’t thought of it till now, a web hosting is that part of your business that decides the fate of your online presence. Your websites, blogs, emails, applications and databases are all on the servers of the hosting company. This requires the hosting company to show a huge responsibility towards their services.

What can go wrong with hosting?

If you have a good number of consumers on your books who deal with you online, or if you are relying quite a bit on internet marketing to promote your business, hosting issues can leave you completely lost, and your business at a standstill.

Consider the following situations:

  • Your websites are all down
  • Zero online sales
  • Consumers cannot contact you online
  • Databases and resources inaccessible
  • Business Information and records lost completely
  • Low uptimes, leaving consumers unable to access your site most of the time
  • Slow server processors incompetent to run the applications
  • Inefficient support – and hence no one to help you with technical or other issues

Such conditions can cause a good level of damage to your business.

The Zenxsoft Promise

Being a business ourselves, we understand your requirements and necessities. This is specifically why our plans are specifically suited to help you and your business. Some of the most notable benefits of working with Zenxsoft are:

  • The highest server uptimes you can expect
  • A huge range of plans and pricing
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Linux servers as per your requirements
  • A huge range of technologies
  • Advanced and fast servers to let your applications run smoothly
  • Efficient Antivirus and Anti spam software installed on our servers
  • A number of related services like domain names registration, web design, SEO , etc
  • Efficient and prompt technical support

With Zenxsoft, you will not need to think twice about your web hosting issues once you get on board with us. Your business’s online presence will be our responsibility.

And even if things go wrong (which is highly impossible with the infrastructure and systems that we have in place), your data will always be safe with us with our efficient backup practices!

Find out more about our services. Simply get in touch with our contact team, and they will enlighten you about how we can add power to your business. If you want a reliable and trustworthyhosting partner, this is where it all comes down to!  
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