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Reliable Web Hosting Plans Tailored to Suit your Business

As a web hosting services provider, we have seen a good deal of success in the market. And the chief reason for this was our clients. We paid careful attention to what our clients had to say about their experiences with the other companies or hosting providers that they have been dealing with in the past. And that was exactly what let us know what to have on offer for you.

  • Clients complained about slow servers
  • Businesses required higher uptimes – close to 100%
  • Nobody wanted virus and malware on their online space
  • Scalability was something that a number of our clients specifically asked for
  • Everyone needed someone to get them out of trouble or help them solve their issues when required. This meant that a prompt and efficient technical support team was a must
  • Customized plans were something on the list as well
  • And no one wanted to spend a fortune for their hosting services, even though it was one of the most vital factors for business operations and promotions

The Zenxsoft Offer

It took us a while to come up with the right combination of services and plans for our clients, but we succeeded. As an Indian web hosting provider, our services are very reasonably priced, and that is just the starter.

We have the latest technologies available with our plans. Our servers provide more than 99% uptimes, letting your business stay alive on the internet all the time. Compatibility and speed issues are totally absent with our services!

Whether you are after a small chunk of web space today or an entire server, we have it for you, and for less! And if you would like to scale up in the future, that is absolutely possible!

These are just a few features that make us one of the best hosting services in India. We listen to what our clients have to say, which is specifically why we have THE HOSTING PLAN for your business.

Learn all about us and our plans. Get in touch with us today, and open yourself up to a whole new world of hosting services to give your business the power of the web. Once again, efficiency, reliability and affordability come together to you only when you have Zenxsoft as your hosting partner

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  • SEO Elements
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Key Markets Served
» 20+ countries served
» Major Focus in UK, AUstralia, US, Singapore

We Enable Our Clients To
» Increase profit margin.
» Reduce their operating cost.
» Expand their market reach.
» Focus on their core competence.
» Increase global skills.