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Domain Names

Booking a domain name involves a lot – your brand name, SEO, marketing and promotions, popularity, and much more. Get the most reliable services from Zenxsoft with regards to choosing a domain name for your business.

Coming up with an inefficient domain name for your business site may render it completely useless. Consider the following points with regards to selecting an effective domain name:

  • Make sure your domain name is catchy and easy to spell
  • Your domain name should be completely relevant for your business
  • Pay careful attention to the TLDs based on your targeted customer base
  • Try domain names with keywords to help you with SEO
  • Don’t get into copyright issues!

Our Domain Name Services

Dealing with Zenxsoft lets you see a number of benefits where domain names are concerned. If you are not sure about the right domain name to go for, let us know your business details, and we will actually suggest a number of domain names that can be perfect.

If you already have some ideas on the domain names, check out their availability on this page, and book the most relevant example according to your requirements.

There are a number of other options for you to check out with our domain name services as well. Consider:

  • Bulk purchase prices
  • Domain auction help
  • Offers / Sales on Domains
  • Domain transfers
  • Reliable services with extensions
  • Immediate activation

Get in touch with our sales team today, and we will show you a whole new aspect of getting the most effective domain names for your business site!  

  • SEO and Domain Names
  • Tips on selecting the right Domain Names
  • Parked domain Businesses
  • Auctions and latest news.


Domain Names

Yearly Price

.com  / .net / .org domain names


.info / .biz /.us/.name domain names


.in domain names


.co.in/ .net.in / .org.in / .gen.in / .firm.in/ .ind.in


Rates Updated 1st May 2014

What you get when you register your domain with ZENXSOFT ?

# FREE domain control Panel.
# Complete control over your domain name.
# You can transfer your domain name / sell your domain name / change
# Registrant name/address of the domain and lot more features.

Key Markets Served
» 20+ countries served
» Major Focus in UK, AUstralia, US, Singapore

We Enable Our Clients To
» Increase profit margin.
» Reduce their operating cost.
» Expand their market reach.
» Focus on their core competence.
» Increase global skills.